A Halloween-themed EP co-created with WhoisZoha? (Zoha Hussnain).
Cover art illustration by Askar Mcm, typography designed by me
Pandora's Box
Starting off this Halloween EP with a anarchic emancipation of chaos and disease. A disorderly liberation of every bad things in the world. This is the song of the evil.
Afraid of the Dark
The second track tackles a more intimate and personal fear. We follow a woman walking through the park in the dark, while the thought of only being wanted at night consumes her. 
A pre-released Halloween special in 2018 is brought back to life in this 2019 Halloween EP. A song about the weird and the twisted, a song about all of us. 
Starry Night
We take a moment to enjoy the season of fall. The time when romantic relationships fall a part due to Holiday stresses and seasonal depression. A time to be alone, a time we take for granted.
We end this EP with the antagonizing reminder that freedom is no more. We take a grim look at modern society and the system we all serve. "We try to figure out what it means, but we just move around like machines."

Relevant Project

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