A film about two lost ghosts helping each other reach the afterlife. 
Apart from writing and directing, I also scored and foleyed the entire short. This is a self-initiated project I co-directed with Cazden Morrison.
Things to consider:
As a film composer, I intended to capture the sense of bewilderedness of both characters and their gradual change in emotion. The minimal melody and sustained legatos conveyed the confusion and emptiness both characters feel. The music eventually escalates into a decisive and passionate symphony almost immediately after they acknowledge each other. This was done by returning all melodies back to the root note, generating a sense of belonging and groundedness.
Screengrab from House
As a foley artist, however, I purposed myself to create clean and appropriate environmental/action sounds in an effort to render the story as authentic as possible. The fully edited film was sent to me entirely muted. This was my sound design endeavor into realism.

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