Circumstance Meets Circumstance is a one-minute motion graphic confronting the nature of interpersonal connections. Although misunderstanding can lead to frustration, hurt, and fear, this optimistic investigation seeks to reframe misunderstanding as an opportunity for a deeper relationship and an invitation for a more fulfilling bond.
The piece explores a semi-abstract interpersonal space through motion design techniques such as match cutting, elemental morphing, and dynamic movements. Scripting, storyboarding, style framing, sound design, and animation by Jacky Chao. Voiced by Mia Fothergill.
Everything is done in After Effects. No plug-ins were used.
- and when I showed my progress that week, Farrar said these exact words: 
“I get this feeling that you have a strong desire to learn 3-D. And I am sure, if given enough time, you’d be great at it. But I am not sure if you should spend your precious semester learning and applying a new skill.” 
Sarah, a peer in the meeting who is a 3-D modeler, chuckled in agreement. 
I chuckled in slight embarrassment. 
True, though. I am glad this was said because I would have spent the entirety of next week finetuning small details while leaving the rest of the scenes unstarted. I needed to take a step back and focus on those other scenes instead. 
And guess what? I didn’t even use the 3-D letters in my final cut simply because I just didn’t feel like they were needed anymore.
Animation went on for another 10 weeks, I encountered other vortexes but I learned to swim around them.

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